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About Us

Dr. Poorhashemi International Law Firm, Previously named F.D.I (Fajr Dad Iranian) is an international Law Firm based in Tehran, Iran, which operates on the basis of international and national law. Founded in Tehran in 2008, by Dr. Abbas POORHASHEMI international Law Professor and attorney at Law, F.D.I has been offering legal advice and assistance in the national and international Law.

The Law firm by intermediate of local lawyers in Canada, France and Iran preparing the Legal services for their Clients.

Dr. Poorhashemi International Law Firm, is an E-Service international Law Firm serving the needs of businesses Public and Private sector Clients around the World, especially in Iran, France and Canada.

If you are looking for a Iranian Lawyers, Canadian Lawyers or French Lawyers who speak Persian, English or French contact to Dr. Poorhashemi International Law Firm.

If you have a legal issue or problem concerning the Iranian Law, French Law or Canadian Law, Dr. Poorhashemi International Law Firm by its local lawyers can help you.

Finally, if you have a problem of International Litigation or National Litigation in Iran, Canada, or France, it’s a good raison for you to make a contact to Dr. Poorhashemi International Law Firm.

Email: Avocat.international.un@gmail.com
Email: info@poorhashemi.com

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